Terms Of Use

This site is dedicated to providing a venue for Northwest Hams to offer equipment for sale, or to list wants for equipment.

While we aren't bound here on the internet (yet) by the same restrictions as our on-the-air nets, we do have some simple common-sense guidelines:

1. Equipment listed on this site should be reasonably associated with the Hobby of Ham Radio. This does not mean that other items cannot be offered in trade, but let's keep on task folks. Please do not list any illegal or pirated items.

2. Buyers and sellers are expected to trade fairly with each other. I always try to give the benefit of the doubt, but it is a whole lot easier to just ban someone from the site than argue with he-said, she-said, he-said; and I'll take the easy route.

3. Don't use this site to attempt to spam other hams, etc. This will result in your entire IP block being locked from the site.

4. This site is intended as a friendly service, and I do not accept responsibility for ANY liabilities resulting from your choice to use it. Please do your homework, and I always reccomend dealing locally. Watch out for the (many) offshore scams, and ask around at the folks you are dealing with. Hams are a pretty social comunity, and while there are a few baddies out there, you'll find that they become 'known' very quickly.